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Learning curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of each individual.

BCS Social and Recreation Center

Most children and teens want to have peers that they can relate to and have fun with. 

It can be challenging to develop the skills needed to make a new friend or join a group when these opportunities are not available. BCS is here to help by offering these opportunities and providing support.

Our trained staff provide a safe and enriching environment and help support children and teens so they can feel comfortable meeting new peers and forming new relationships.

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt
Kids Playing
Teen study group
Children Heaping Hands
Cooking Lesson

Weekend Programs

Groups are formed and overseen by professional staff and are based on age, skills, interests, and goals.

After School Programs

We offer weekday programs that focus on friendship and relationship skill development, homework- clubs, and support ABA and school BIS programs.



We offer teen groups that focus on relationship development, conversation skills, and leisure skill development.


We offer our ABA program program from

9-3 throughout the summer.

Parent Training Groups

Join one of our parent training boot camps. We offer the opportunity to socialize with other parents while learning ABA strategies.

ABA Programs

ABA programs are medically necessary services provided to families, children, or teens diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder. We will provide ABA services within the framework of our center-based programs.

ABA services must be approved by your insurance company and require a formal assessment and development of a treatment plan. We can provide ABA services at our center-based setting.

Teacher and Student

ABA Center -Social Skills

We offer our ABA services in a structured schedule and enriching environment. Children and teens will be exposed to interest-based age-appropriate activities. Through ABA programs they will learn to have conversations, play age-appropriate games, and practice using the skills they learn.

Our structured environment includes:

  • An art room

  • A game room

  • A sensory exploration room

  • A state-of-the-art gym

  • And an all-purpose room for hanging out

Making Friends

Laughing & Playing

Skills Development

Individualized Teaching

Modeling & Direct Instruction

School Kids

Let us help your child or teen develop their social and communication skills!

We offer unique and individualized ABA programs to help children and teens expand their abilities to interact with others.

Groups are developed based on age, interests, and current abilities.

Programs include formal assessment and empirically valid treatments.

625 Old Country Rd, Plainview, NY 11803

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