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Autism Therapy

SparkTalk: Social Skills Adventure!

Non-verbal/emerging language using device for ages 7-11

Unlock the world of communication for your child with autism through our beginner-friendly ABA-based group! 🚀


  • Introduction to Communication Devices: Familiarize kids with autism with basic use of communication devices for effective expression.

  • Non-Verbal Interaction: Develop foundational non-verbal social skills to enhance communication within a supportive group.

  • Visual Communication Mastery: Learn to navigate and utilize visual supports for improved understanding and expression.

  • Playful Interactions: Engage in interactive games and activities to foster social connections and cooperation.

  • Confidence Boost: Build self-assurance by encouraging successful communication attempts in a positive environment.

  • Purpose: SparkTalk aims to create a fun and inclusive space where kids with autism can embark on a journey of communication discovery. Through the use of communication devices, we empower each child to express themselves confidently and connect with others. Join us on this exciting adventure toward enhanced communication and meaningful social interactions! 🌟


Program Availability

Location: Plainview (Long Island)

Sunday 12:30-3:30

Interested in Enrolling?

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