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Wordsmith Whiz club: ABA Social Skills Brilliance

Advanced Language Skill Club For Tweens aged 9-12

Elevate your child's social prowess with "Eloquent Explorers" – an ABA-based social skills group tailored for tweens

Our program focuses on advanced language development, meaningful conversations, and sophisticated social interactions. Led by skilled ABA specialists, this group empowers tweens to navigate social nuances with confidence and finesse. Enroll your child in "Eloquent Explorers" and watch them excel in the art of communication and connection!


  • Refined Communication: Develop advanced language skills, enabling clear and articulate expression.

  • Nuanced Social Interaction: Master the subtleties of social cues, fostering more sophisticated and meaningful connections.

  • Conflict Resolution: Acquire effective strategies for resolving conflicts and navigating social challenges.

  • Empathy Enhancement: Cultivate a deeper understanding of others' perspectives, fostering empathy and compassion.

  • Advanced Conversation Skills: Learn to engage in thoughtful, age-appropriate conversations, exploring diverse topics.

  • Executive Functioning: Strengthen organizational and planning skills to enhance overall social competence.

  • Peer Collaboration: Foster positive peer relationships through collaborative activities and group projects.

  • Self-Advocacy: Build confidence in expressing individual needs and preferences within social contexts.

  • Emotional Regulation: Develop strategies for managing emotions in various social situations.

  • Independent Social Decision-Making: Encourage independent thinking and decision-making within a social framework.

Interested in Enrolling?

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