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Teen Tempo: Friday Night Rhythms

For Teens ***AGES ?? - ??***

Friday Night Lights: ABA Teen Social Group for Fun and Friendship

Elevate your teen's Friday nights with our specialized ABA-based social group, "Friday Night Lights"! Designed for teens, this program offers a relaxed and inclusive environment where they can hang out, engage in age-appropriate social activities, and build lasting friendships. Our experienced ABA team ensures a positive and supportive atmosphere, fostering social skills through leisure activities. Enroll your teen in "Friday Night Lights" for a Friday filled with fun, laughter, and meaningful connections!

  • Age-Appropriate Social Leisure Activities: Provide a variety of games and activities tailored to the interests and preferences of teens.

  • Friendship Building: Foster the development of friendships through shared activities and leisure time.

  • Communication Skills: Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills during casual and recreational moments.

  • Leisure Activity Exposure: Introduce a variety of age-appropriate leisure activities to broaden teens' interests and experiences.

  • Team Building: Encourage teamwork and collaboration through group games and activities.

  • Decision-Making Skills: Provide opportunities for teens to make choices and decisions within a supportive environment.

  • Emotional Regulation: Teach and reinforce strategies for managing emotions in social settings.

  • Community Involvement: Explore ways to engage with the local community through planned activities.

  • Respectful Social Etiquette: Reinforce respectful and appropriate social etiquette during group interactions.

  • Positive Group Dynamics: Cultivate a positive and inclusive group atmosphere where every teen feels valued and accepted.

  • Recreational Adventures: Plan outings and excursions to local attractions suitable for the teen age group.

  • Creative Expression: Facilitate artistic and creative projects that resonate with the teens' evolving tastes and interests.

  • Music and Entertainment: Incorporate music, movies, and entertainment choices that align with the preferences of the teen demographic.

  • Social Events: Organize casual social events, allowing teens to mingle and connect in a relaxed setting.

  • Sports and Fitness: Introduce sports and fitness activities suitable for teens to promote health and well-being.

  • Interactive Workshops: Conduct workshops on topics such as art, technology, or hobbies that intrigue teens.

  • Technology Integration: Include age-appropriate technology-based activities that resonate with modern teen interests.

  • Culinary Adventures: Explore cooking or food-related activities that appeal to teens' growing independence and taste.

Interested in Enrolling?

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