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Artistic Avengers:
ABA Social Skills Group for Heroic Creators

For Tweens ***AGES ?? - ??***

Unleash the creative hero within your child with "Artistic Avengers" – an ABA-based social skills group combining the power of art with the spirit of heroism!

Led by skilled ABA specialists, this program transforms social skills development into an artistic adventure. Tweens will engage in superhero-themed art activities, fostering communication, collaboration, and positive social interactions. Enroll your child in "Artistic Avengers" to embark on a journey where creativity and heroism intertwine, creating a canvas for social growth!

  • Creative Collaboration: Cultivate teamwork and collaboration through art-based group projects inspired by hero themes.

  • Expressive Communication: Develop expressive communication skills using art as a medium for self-expression and social interaction.

  • Empathy through Art: Foster empathy by exploring emotions and perspectives through artistic creations.

  • Positive Social Interaction: Promote positive social interactions during art activities, encouraging mutual support and engagement.

  • Problem-Solving through Creativity: Enhance problem-solving skills by creatively addressing challenges within the artistic process.

  • Artistic Confidence: Boost confidence in artistic abilities, promoting a positive self-image and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Symbolic Representation: Use art to symbolically represent social concepts and emotions, aiding in understanding and expression.

  • Heroic Narratives: Encourage the creation of heroic narratives through art, fostering storytelling and imaginative expression.

  • Celebrating Individuality: Embrace and celebrate each participant's unique artistic style and contributions to the group.

  • Community Showcase: Provide opportunities for the group to showcase their hero-themed art, fostering a sense of community and pride.


Interested in Enrolling?

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