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Skillful Explorers

Between beginner and moderate- some skills beyond beginner but not moderate

Skillful explorers a tailored ABA-based social skills group designed for children with foundational skills navigating the spectrum from beginner to moderate.

Our program strikes the perfect balance, providing a supportive environment where children can build upon existing skills and develop a deeper understanding of social interactions. Led by experienced ABA specialists, this group offers a customized approach to foster growth, confidence, and meaningful connections. Enroll your child in the "Skillful Explorers" journey today!

  • Build on Foundational Skills: Enhance and expand upon existing social skills for a more comprehensive repertoire.

  • Intermediate Communication Mastery: Develop the ability to communicate effectively in various social situations.

  • Social Cue Proficiency: Improve recognition and interpretation of social cues for more nuanced interactions.

  • Peer Collaboration: Strengthen skills for positive collaboration and engagement in group activities.

  • Conflict Resolution Skills: Learn and apply strategies for resolving conflicts in a constructive manner.

  • Expanded Empathy: Foster a deeper understanding of others' feelings and perspectives.

  • Increased Independence: Encourage independence in initiating and maintaining social interactions.

  • Varied Conversation Skills: Expand conversational abilities to cover a range of topics with peers.

  • Emotional Regulation: Develop strategies for managing emotions during social interactions.

  • Social Confidence: Boost confidence in navigating social situations, moving from beginner to moderate proficiency.


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