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Learned Applied Behavior Analysis

LBA / BCBA Supervision

We offer unique and comprehensive opportunities for individuals seeking supervision required to apply for Board Certification as a Behavior Analyst (BCBA). We also provide supervision required for Licensure as a Behavior Analyst (LBA) in New York State. Our experienced clinicians will provide you with required training and feedback to help you develop as a professional.

A business meeting

Work One On One With Your Supervisor

Every week, you will meet with your experienced supervisor to discuss key concept, receive feedback and develop programs and plans together. This opportunity enables you learn in a hands on guided manner.

A business meeting

Applied Behavior Analysis BCBA Supervision Program Components:

Learn about ABA and autism

Access to learning technology

Multiple supervisors to provide a comprehensive ABA training experience

Special guest speakers

ABA training in diverse settings with diverse clientele

Present your ABA work and projects

Work in a Variety of Setting to Ensure a Comprehensive Experience

At Home

In the Home

Boys at School

In Schools

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